Autumn in Kiyomizudera

For my limited time in Kyoto, i`m so glad i spend it at Kiyomizudera temple.    Admiring japanese ancient building and enjoy autumn at it`s best absolutely memorable and must do for first timer like me.  Those red leaves all around the temple makes a vibrant and perfect picture. Kiyomizudera temple is the most celebrated temple in Japan according to and also one of 17 world heritage sites in Japan. Even though it`s very touristy but it`s worth a visit.  For you that didn`t have a chance to visit on autumn, all four seasons are beautiful in Kiyomizudera.

For first timer (according to my experience), here what you may need to know to enjoy and taking perfect shot :

  1.  Arrive early to avoid crowd
  2. After you walk through shops at higashiyama district, you arrive at a gate with orange and white color
  3. Walk up through steps and you will find a japanese garden with bridge, my fave is take a shot of those kawaii japanene girls in kimono
  4. Enjoy the surrounding, the red colours from maple trees and you can see kyoto city from here
  5. Go up and find a ticket counter to go to the Hondo (main Hall). For 500 y you can enter the main room of the temple, and do praying if you plan to, and next you will see a big veranda. You will later find this veranda was built upon huge wooden framework.
  6. Walk further down the hill and this is the best spot to capture Kiyomizudera surrounded by maple leaves just like in postcards or instagram
  7. Admire those wooden framework which actually very old and strong
  8. On your way down the hill you will see people are lining up to get water from water stream with ladder.  That is Otowa no-taki spring, a famous water fall which split into three stream.  The meaning of Kiyomizudera is “Temple of Pure Water” . Those three water stream have unique meaning each, first is to give you longevity, second is for academic success, and the last is to have a good love life.  I`m sure we just want to drink all three right ? well dont, because you will considered greedy and would not receiving any blessing  (read it from
  9. After you left the temple it`s nice to wander around those shops, taste some mochi for free,  eyeing cute souvenirs, and buy ice cream !

Further  information :

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  • Anita Dwi Mulyati March 4, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    Ahhh..pengen autumn ke Jepang..bagus banget warna2 daunnya.

    • wenda March 5, 2016 at 12:32 pm

      aku juga pengen kesana pas sakura n salju hehe blm puas sama jepang

  • Maya Melivyanti September 24, 2016 at 8:40 am

    aduhh keren bgt.. jdi dilema antara Jepang atau Korea ya next destination..

    • wenda September 24, 2016 at 10:08 am

      Teh makasih ya, wow Korea juga keren ya pengen juga maen kesana


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