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Vatican is the last country i visit during my solo trip around Europe. I didn’t prepare doing research about Vatican so i just came to explore Vatican city and enjoy everything. It’s beautiful and very big. Make sure you see up above your head and look down because everything is beautiful in details. So i’m sharing some pictures i took and some guide.

Tips on how to explore Vatican city :

To reach here i use metro from Roma Termini. As i mention before on Rome guide, it’s better to take a day pass metro ticket. It’s a bit confusing to read the sign on where to choose the track. In Italy there’s not always ticket person so i just ask some people there.

Arrive at metro station, again it was lack of sign so i just follow people walking. Basicly you just walk along the street and cross the big one and if you stright you will come to square, so please dont, you must turn right and walking beside a high fence. And you will arrive at the ticket counter.

To avoid the queueu, you must arrive here before 8 am. And at 8 am the door will be open for group traveler and people who bought ticket online and no queueu group. For buying on the spot, ticket booth open at 9pm. If you want to skip the queueu please buy ticket online :


Ticket is 16 Euro for Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel,  headphone is not included. So i just walk around and see everything but kinda lost because the place is huge and i didn’t plan very well on what i’m gonna see. But there’s maps and sign everywhere.

It was so beautiful and the details are breathaking i get overwhelming by everything. You will see the museum and then arrive at Sistine Chapel. If you want to go to see the view of the whole Vatican by the dome, you must pay 8 Euro. I didn’t go because i ran out of money and time. You will enter the Saint Peter’s Basilica as the end of your journey.

It’s probably my most unplaned trip but glad that i see almost everything there.

Vatican is the last country i visit before i go back to Indonesia from Rome. Read all my solo traveling trip around Europe, just tap tag solotravelingeropa. I’ll see you on the next destination.

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