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Throwback when i was exploring Germany in 2016. We visit places in Frankfurt and Cologne and i was with tour so i didn’t explore a lot but it’s a really nice trip. Places are so pretty and the weather was great. I tried gelato at Romer and , I even tried to eat Apple Pie at McDonals and taste Germany’s Sausage. They’re all so delicious.

Enjoy my short video :

Places i visit :

Eau De Cologne Perfume Shop

This shop is so cute because you can wash your hand with ferfume here. The display is also very pretty.

Cologne Cathedral

Magnificent and has a very beautiful design. So amazing.

Romer Old Town

Admiring those unique building. I buy gelato there and it’s so yummy.

Eiserner Steg Bridge

This famous bridge is my fave beacause you can put love locks here. I can spend hours here because the view is so beautiful from here. All the love locks make this bridge even prettier. There’s a street artist playing music in the middle.

Germany you’re definitely so beautiful and has great vibe.

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