Giyanti Coffee

I heard that Giyanti Coffee is quite famous in Jakarta so i visit it about a week ago. The place is very easy to find, located at jl Surabaya right in front of those unique furniture stall. There’s is a white buiding with big blue door and you must walk through a narrow street beside the building. You can hear loud music there.

Once you arrive at Giyanti Coffee you can see they put everything in a very artsy way. Kinda gypsy mix with retro. There’s big table there and it’s the outside area. Step inside you can order your coffee and grab some snacks there. They didn’t serve any main course.


Waiter or barista will ask you what kind of coffee you like. Strong or sweet. And i choose strong because i want to taste their famous coffes and barista suggest me to order piccolo. They will give you your order and number and pay later after you finish. They also give you wifi password that last for 2 hours.

The room is kinda narrow so i must walk carefully not to hit everything. There’s also many accessories at the table and the walls.

There’s cute spot at the outdoor area that i think would be prefect for OOTD shot. Basicly this place is just so instagenic in a quirky way you will love to shot every corner.

Coffee taste very strong with overpower bitter taste, that last in a very long time. For me it’s too strong i can’t taste the coffee because of the bitterness cover it. Other people will say different so you shoud try it yourself.

The place is a bit crowded and after half an hour waiter ask me if i want to order more stuff after seeing my glass is empty. He also offering me to bring some water. Price is a bit pricey a glass of piccolo is 43k idr. Overall it’s an exciting experience for me to try new coffee shop or places to visit. It’s not only about the food and drink but also enjoying the ambience.

Giyanti Coffee

Jl Surabaya no 20

Menteng Jakarta



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