Le Relais De L’entrecote Paris

It was my first visit to Paris, and my fave things to do is having a foodie experience. Before i go, i search on internet about paris restaurants and french food.  I find this restaurant with good review. I’ve also seen many vloggers visit this restaurant, so having lunch at Le Relais De L’entrecote Paris is my number one bucketlist.


Le Relais L’entrecote has 3 places in Paris and i visit their branch at Rue Marbeuf, near Champ Elysees.  I use Goggle Map to find the location.  When i arrive it’s already 12.30 pm and the line is a bit long.  It’s about 15 people in front of me.  After 15 minutes, i finally get a table.  How do i get it fast ? i was alone and it’s easier to find a table with less number of people.  Be prepare when you visit this restaurant and they don’t take reservation.

Super Packed Inside The Restaurant

Super Packed Inside The Restaurant

They serve only one menu and it’s steak frites which mean steak and french fries.  They will ask you how your steak want to be cooked and what i want to drink.  So it’s easy for people who didnt know anything about french cuisine but want to try it, like me.


My steak arrive fast.  Steak and fries in the same plate.  You will see that the portion is small, but it’s actually half of the portion.  They will keep the rest and heated in a plate with candle.  After i almost finish, they will put the rest of the steak and also add more fries.  I order medium as i didn’t know what to expect.  After i taste, i think i should order medium rare so that it goes perfectly with the sauce.

The meat already cut into chunks, it’s quite tender and the sauce is the star.  So so so delicious.  This is my first time to taste this kind of sauce.   It’s velvety, creamy and i guess it contain butter and mustard also other ingredient that i can’t imagine.  The famous secret sauce is being a popular conversation on internet.  Many are guessing the recipe of the secret sauce and it still a mistery until now.


That Velvety Secret Sauce

The fries are crispy in a skinny cut. It’s quite a lot for me.  The steak will acompany by bread and salad.  The salad is absolutely delicious, lettuce with walnut and the vinaiggrete just perfect. You can order many kind of drinks and desserts here.

The place is very beautiful, with the classic french ambience.  I enjoy seeing all the detail, the uniform of the waitress, lamps, walls, all are impressive.


For all the parisian foodie experience that i get,i have to say one thing if you are a firstimer in Paris, you have to visit this restaurant. The price won’t make a hole in your pocket as i only paid 26,5 euro for one portion of steak include bread, salad and water.

Le Relais De L’entrecote also has branches in Dubai and Geneva. Open for lunch and dinner, no reservation needed.



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  • Obu Gracia August 10, 2017 at 11:27 am

    Wow … really amazing. Pasti saya akan coba pas kesana nanti. Mbak apakah waktu pesan order steaknya harus pesan minuman atau kita sudah free a glass of water. Mohon infonya mbak.

    • wenda August 10, 2017 at 2:08 pm

      Musti minta ke waitress nya, minta free water aja


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