Maple and Oak

Maple and Oak is a cafe in Menteng area Jakarta serve all day brunch menu. From the outside you see a buiding that have a terrace decorated with plants. The place inside is cute and homey. I was visiting this place very early in the morning and food here ready around 9 am.

Check out this lovely seating and details. They also have cinnamon rolls that looks so delicious, will come back to try. You can sit inside or at the terrace.


What i order that morning is Coffee Butter Steak & Egg. I’ve seen some  foodies post this menu from Maple and Oak so i really curious about this one. The waiter ask me how i want my steak to be cooked. Food come quite fast.

The plate have a pretty plating. Consist of mashed potato with sauteed spinach & mushroom. In the middle there is egg cooked in 65C sous vide technique. Completed with homemade coffee butter and basil oil with sprout on top.

I love how they season the food, so perfect. I ask them to cook the steak in medium well it tasted great and tender, but i think medium will suit it better. The egg is also very nice and so is the mashed potato. The only drawback is spinach is not whilted enough for me and that’s just my own personal liking. Overall it’s fantastic food with all those component that match perfectly.

Maple and oak have many interesting menu here and i think i would love to try some more next time. Price average is between43-138k idr. Some interesting menu Pitaya Bowl, Hot Cakes, Chimichurry Grill Steak Taco, etc.

That morning is already packed with visitor although there’s still some spots  left so no doubt that it’s one of Jakarta’s people fave place to have brunch. So why dont you try to have brunch here.

Maple and Oak

Jl Hos Cokroaminoto no 91

Jakarta Indonesia

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