Mount Titlis Self Guided Tour

For me that live in two season country, playing with snow is a like a dream. Mount Titlis is so famous in my country so i decide to create this Mount Titlis self guided tour based on my experience hopefully to give information for you. Mount Titlis is my 5th stop of my solo traveling around Europe.

I start the trip to Mount Titlis from Geneva. Buy ticket a day before at Geneva Aeroport. Find the SBB office. The lady at the counter suggest me to take Rotair package and arrange the ticket for me. It cost me 225 Euro including the train From Genava and back. You can see the schedule from my picture, i will have to change at Luzern to another train that get me to Engelberg. From there i will go to the talstation to reach the top of the mountain.

Inside the train

I start very early in the morning because my train will start at 8 am. It was a very long journey, about 4 hours to get to Luzern. The train stop at several station and the view is so beautiful especially on the way to Lausanne. When we change train at Luzern, we actually can stop and go outside, explore for several time and then continue the trip to Engelberg with the next train so it’s pretty nice we can have like 2 daytrip with the same price. But i was just too tired to do that i just focus on Mount Titlis.

When you arrive at Luzern find the number of the track. Ask officer around if you get lost but it’s very easy as it is located not so far. The best view is when you almost reach Engelberg, you can spot those houses on the hills with green grass and snow mountain at the back. Sorry i didn’t get any pictures. The journey was about 40 min.

Finally i arrive at Engelberg, there are ticket counter for the people to buy ticket to go up to the mountain. Mine was include, so i jump to the bus that take us to . It’s only about 13 min. We will arrive at a talstation titlis to catch our gondola.

The view is so beautiful when i arrive. See those houses on the hills with snow mountain on the background. A river on the side. So amazing.

I’m not so sure about this but i think there are two kind of ticket. One is the reguler ticket that only goes to 3rd level and the other is rotair that will take you to the top. There are many sky equipment rental here and to go to the gondola, just go upstairs and they exchange my ticket with a card.

Finally i get into the gondola, this is the ordinary gondola. The view when you are going up and up is so amazing, i cant stop taking selfie  and i was alone there. Thanks God no one witness my silly moment haha.

Arrive at the third level, and we will go to rotair gondola. The different is this gondola can circle 360 degree and it will give you amazing view of all the surrounding. So recommended to take this tour packege.

Stepping out and walking on the snow, it was so soft but then it got so slippery. There is rope for us to walk. The mountain was very nice, it’s sunny but not too much, the sky so clear and not to cold though it’s 1 degree celcius. I wear longjohn, winter socks and winter jacket. It’s so fun to finally touch the snow in spring. I don’t know how it’s gonna feel to come here at winter. I just play around for couple of hours here.


The other thing that we can have if we purchase rotair package is riding air flyer. It’s like sky lift where we sit and feel everything open air and cross the mountain. Just amazing and see those skier under us.

Also there is hanging bridge where we can walk to the other side of the mountain. The bridge is shaking non stop as people walking on it plus the mountain wind passing through. I try to take video but completely fail. The bridge is quite long.

There is restaurant to buy food there and i only buy movenpick ice cream and just the best ice cream i’ve ever eat, seriously. Movenpick is a popular ice cream around Switzerland.


What amazing trip and i enjoy it so much eventhough i’m alone. Hopefully i will upload the video on my channel. This is the link if you want to read more, SBB have many other trip package.

See you on my 6th destination which is Italy on my next blog post. Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any of my posts.


  • Obu Gracia August 23, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    hebat story mbak wenda di swiss. Mbak bolehkan saya bertanya kembali :
    Kalau saya rencana hendak mengunjungi Mt.Titlis Luzerne (bern), interlaken (jika memungkinkan)
    1. Untuk mt titlis saya akan beli rotaair dari SBB di geneva.
    2. Apakah memungkinkan ke luzerne atau interlaken dari geneva (dalam 1 hari) atau harus menginap.
    Rencana saya 2 – 3 hari di swiss.

    Mohon masukannya,
    Terima kasih sebelumnya,

    • wenda August 23, 2017 at 4:03 pm

      Hai obi, kalo Saran aku itinerarynya Geneva ke engelberg dulu, trus pulangnya kamu dr engelberg ntar train stop di luzern, dr situ km naik SBB lagi ke interlaken n nginep situ krn udah makan waktu banyak di jln, Geneva-engj udah 4 jam trus luzern-interlaken 2 jam, ini aku liat lewat km bisa juga nyoba2 bikin itin disitu krn lgs keluar transportasi pake apa, n kalo pas beli ticket di kantor sbb km bs konsultasiin itin km ntar diaturin ama petugasnya enaknya bgm. Km bs maen dulu di luzern juga kan krn train stop disitu juga.


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