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First Story on Steller : Tokyo Diary

  Finally i join Steller.  It’s an app that give you an easy way to create beautiful stories.  Combine photos, writing and video in beautiful layout, you will be able to make a simple visual diary of your fave things.  So have you join it ? Let’s connect then, find me and this is my first story.  

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10 Things To Do in Tokyo as Firstimer

The most excitement of writing my Japan trip is definitely Tokyo part.  Tokyo has the energy, the youth feel, the movement and it all comes down what i call Tokyo vibe.  How can i get all of that ? I have a little bit of hard time to write down everything as i just wander around Tokyo and get lost.  So…

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Finding Snow Monkey

I travel to fulfill my curiousity of so many things that i read or see the pictures. This time i will go to Jigokudani in an adventure of finding snow monkey. Jigokudani is a part of Nagano prefektur in Japan and to find the snow monkey you will hike a mountain about 1,3 km up. I start the hike from my…

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Experience Ryokan and Onsen in Nagano

From my adventurous solo traveling to Japan, i also plan to try what Japanese love to do, to experience ryokan and onsen in Nagano. Ryokan is like a traditional Japanese Hotel, where you will sleep on tatami, and wear a Japanese clothing named Yukata to visit onsen, that look like kimono but a simple one.  The ryokan/hotel have onsen, a pool that…

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Japan Foodie Venture

Back to the time before i visit Japan.  I rarely eat sushi and all the japanase food and i’m not a big fan.  Sometimes i even wonder why people so obsessed about Japan and always want to comeback every year or even every 6 months ? And here you can read it from me after i experience it myself.  What i…

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Day Trip to Shirakawa-go

I continue my journey from Takayama to Shirakawa-go with Nouhi bus.  The scenery is beautiful and there`s a thin layers of snow everywhere.  Shirakawa-go is a historical villages as one of unesco heritage in Japan.  Located in Gifu prefecture, it`s about an hour from Takayama, can be reach by bus or private car.  It`s very unique how to get to the…

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Takayama I`m in Love

My first day of solo travelling finally arrive.  Saying goodbye to all my friends at Shin Osaka and scream to my myself, let`s start the adventure. Grab my ekiben and hop to the train.  It`s like a picnic, once train start moving, people most are grandma and grandpa open their box full of food. The scenery was breathaking, seeing the…

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Persiapan Solo Traveling ke Jepang

Saya ingin berbagi tips solo traveling Jepang berdasarkan kunjungan di bulan Desember kemaren.  Ini kali kedua saya traveling sendiri setelah beberapa tahun lalu ke Singapore.  Setelah menimbang-nimbang, dan browsing sana-sini, saya memutuskan untuk traveling ke Jepang.  Kenapa ? Pertama karena Jepang punya segala yang saya ingin explore, yaitu kebudayaan yang masih kuat dan juga kemodernannya.  Yang kedua ini catatan penting…

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Osaka Diary

Osaka is so much fun to explore, and had a unique vibe for known of their light scene and food heaven that attract hip crowded.  But i also see the other side, i stay in a quiet place where the street almost empty, calm and peaceful.  So it’s kind a mix together in harmoni, you just get everything.  We also…

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Nishiki Market Foodie Walk

If you don`t have enough time to explore food in Kyoto, just go to Nishiki market.  Like i did it, i only have less than 3 hours with no guide and you can see what i got.  Though it`s not enough time to explore every single thing.   Visiting a market and do foodie walk is my fave activities whenever i travel,…

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