Top 5 Eiffel Tower Photo Location

According to TripAdvisor, the most photographed monument in the world is Eiffel Tower. As i search paris image all the way on instagram, i adore those instagenic shots. That’s why i decide to create my own Top 5 Eiffel Tower photo location.

I’m a photography freak so i need to find the best spot to get that postcard shot.  When i finally go to Paris, i hunt down those places.   Actually there are so many places to capture Eiffel Tower and i choose only 5 based of the easier location to reach and also free entrance. Hopefully there will be part 2 of this post when i go back to Paris later :). In the mean time enjoy my lists, curated and tested by yours truly.

Top 5 Eiffel Tower Photo Location




This is my fave location and that’s why i put it in number 1.  You can see Eiffel tower in higher position from the ground. It give you a wide view and easy to shot the whole of the tower.

There are water fountain that can be shot together with the tower which make it more beautiful.  Have you seen on instagram that iconic shot on the stair that create dreamy effect ? Don’t miss it.

To go here, i use metro and get off on Trocadero.  Or if you came from the Eiffel Tower, just cross the street to Trocadero metro station.

Since it’s the most wanted location, come early so you can have perfect shot.

Pont Alexandre III



This is the most beautiful bridge in Paris.  And also a really nice location to shot The Eiffel Tower.  From here you can make a photograph of Eiffel Tower with the river and the bridge. Perfect postcard from Paris.  Now i need to plan a postwedding shot there.

Bier Hakiem



To get a bit different kind of shot, go to Bir Hakiem.  I use metro to get here and go along the river.  Cross the street and shot Eiffel Tower from under the metro track.  Do you recognized those beautiful lamps and grey structure ? Make your own “Inception” shot here.

Champ de Mars



This is the classic location to view Eiffel Tower.  Great for group shot and selfie. You can also create romantic shot from the garden and also from the carousel. Cross the street and find the right angle from around the carousel.  So easy and the result is oh so beautiful.

Rooftop Galleries Lafayette



I assume when you go to Paris, you will visit this place right ? so just go to the rooftop and voila, a really nice rooftop with sintetic grass and many chairs to hangout with friends.  Don’t you love those parisian rooftop and that tiny eiffel tower ?.

So, what is your fave location ? Do you have any location you want to share with me ? Say it in the comment and thanks for reading.

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