Top 5 Most Instagenic New Restaurants In Bandung 2017

Going to a restaurant for me is not only to eat but to feel the ambience, interior, the food itself and of course taking pictures. I’ve selected top 5 most instagenic new restaurants in Bandung 2017. I know we want to visit places that will make great shot for our instagram feed. Choose it based on my own opinion and i’ve experienced it myself. Not only instagenic but they also successfully made dining as a sweet escape experience.

So here are my list of

top 5 most instagenic new restaurants in Bandung 2017



This restaurant is open just few month ago and the queueu is quite long. You will need to reserve seat to dine here. My tips is go here when they open at 7 am the chance is big to spot chairs.

They pay so much to the detail. It has a dark and posh vibe with a touch of industrial. Just love everything here.

The food itself is very delicious. They also have unique selection of cakes such as es podeng, and thai tea cake.


Reunion House

Many people didn’t notice about this restaurant from the outside because it’s located at 4th floor of a buiding. It’s actually near Rumah Mode.

Once you step out of the elevator you will see beautiful table arrangement that lead you to a gorgeous room. With it’s location, and glass wall you can see almost 360 degree of the city. Everything arrange very pretty and luxurious but still warm.

I love the bar, feel like a centre of the room with lights and wood stools, perfect to take your OOTD shot here.

Food has western selection that plated very pretty. Also they create special menu with affordable price. So you don’t have to worry about the bill to dine in this luxurious place. There’s also wine selection for your special night.


Wild Grass

Located a bit far from the city centre, Wild Grass has an open space restaurant, with the benefit of fresh air it doesn’t need any Air Conditioner. It has strong industrial style and also many corner to take OOTD shot. They arrange everything perfectly fit from the door you walk in into the garden and all the room. With split level, it has instagenic vsco vibe.

You will want to stay here for a while because it’s so comfy like a sanctuary. The food is amazing, they create fusion menu and mostly is to mix some fruit with pretty plating.

Try chili choco cake, and hawaian steak, so delicious.


IWP Skylight

This restaurant is part of IWP Indo Wisata Permata that produce diamonds and jewellery. You can have free tour to see the production before you go to the restaurant. They often create model photo shoot competition open for public.

The restaurant located at 5th floor and arranged very neat and a bit formal with glass window. You can see sunset and Bandung view from here. If you want a bit laid back, you can choose to sit at the coffee shop on 1st floor with open buiding.

The food has many selection from indonesian, western and asian. The price is actually very affordable here and it’s great for family dinner or having special date with your love.


Bilbao Brasserie

This french restaurant bring romantic parisian style. Many photoshoot had been done here and you will want to have it too once you step inside. They have indoor and outdoor area. While indoor feel like a formal seating, the outdoor have a laid back situation that decorated with iconic chair remain you of parisian cafe. It’s not alfresco but the glass wall and ceiling make it feel like outdoor decorated with flowers and hanging plants.

The food is of course has selection of french food and the chef is also french. They bring the famous raclette cheese to the menu.

So i hope you enjoy my compilation of top 5 most instagenic new restaurants in Bandung 2017 and please tell which one is your fave and if you have another one you can share it on the comment.

See you on another sweet escape compilation.

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