Unforgettable Cingue Terre Hiking Trip

I’m thrill to share unforgettable Cingue Terre hiking trip story as it fell unreal. It started with a dream to witness this beautiful destination that i’ve been staring for months. Those picturesque colourful houses located right beside the beach stuck in my brain. Finally i manage to get there and even get more excited when i decide to take hiking trip to Cingue Terre. So crazy right ?

Cingue Terre means 5 villages Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso, and Riomaggiore. Today it’s a national park and protected marine area. You can visit Cingue Terre from Florence by train or taking day tour. There are several kind of day tour or trip that you can choose from local company. I choose to take Cingue Terre hiking trip because i want to experience something unique and take as much as i can to explore Cingue Terre.

We start by gather at Santa Lucia Station and get on the bus where they will drop us at the beginning of the hike. There are 2 guides that will lead us the whole day. We blend very easy among the guests, mostly they are from US and some from asian countries. The American, were so nice and friendly but sadly most of asian people put bad face and doesn’t bother to mingle with other. Frankly it shock me 🙂


The first village we reach is Manarola. We pass the colourful houses and start walking on a narrow track along the cliff with only a simple wooden fence as the safety.

Continue our trip by train, the railway located just beside the sea so it’s really breathaking to see the view from the window. The ticket is available to use multiple time around the village, so keep it safe.


Arrive at Corniglia and continue hiking. You can see how high we were by spotting the train rail track down there.

We stop by to have lunch at Ceccia Restaurant after walking around the houses. The food is absolutely delicious. Anti pasti with many kind of italian appetizer and the main course is pasta in pesto sauce. The pasta is so fresh omg i wish i can have that dish again. Lunch is included on tour fee.

After lunch we start the hardest hike. Many time we step on rough stone with a very high stairs.

Finally we reach the highest point. We reward ourselves with lemon slushy after hard hike.

The best view is right along this part. Dont forget to snap this iconic shot before you get down to Vernazza.


Vernazza definitely my fave among 5 villages. We spend time to have coffee while enjoy the splash of wave on the harbour. People usually can walk along the harbour but not that day, totally wild waves. Don’t forget to shop some souvenir here, it’s the right place to shop and enjoy every corner. Perfect to take OOTD or prewedding pictures.

Off to Monterosso by train. The stop is actually inside a cave, how amazing.


It’s the biggest village among 5 more things to explore than the other villages.We take some food tasting here (not included on tour fee). My guide show us some local delicacies. I buy a special dessert name torta monterossina named after Monterosso. There are many stores selling stuff made of lemon.

You can see my picture of the beach is foggy, it’s because the wave is huge and form like a rain blown by the wind. The beach is empty, we didn’t spot any colourful umbrella maybe it’s still too cold the sit there. I was visiting on May. It look sunny but very cold and i didn’t wear any jacket so i’m freezing the whole time. Take this note, whatever the season, just bring jacket.


The last village is Riomaggiore and it’s the place to take that iconic picture of Cingue Terre. You must find it. There are many shop, and one is gelato shop but i’m feezing so couldn’t eat it.


The trip started at 9 am and finish around 9 pm. We pass village, mountain, jungle and beach. We also taking train and taste local delicacy. I can’t believe i finish the hike and not pass somewhere in between. Amazing adventure, left my heart in Cingue Terre a must visit when you go to Italy.

Personal thought about this Cingue Terre hiking trip tour :

Plus :

  • Experience maximum adventure around Cingue Terre
  • They give good guide including the best food to try and what to buy
  • Tour guide always give personal attention

Minus :

  • Don’t take this tour if you want to have slow travel and stay in one place for a long time. It’s better to visit on your own, and stay overnight there. You can reach Cingue Terre from Florence by train.

Tips :

Bring jacket no matter the season, because it’s very windy and cold.

Read more info about Cingue Terre here :




  • gesaendah June 9, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Wah, pengen banget bisa ke Cinque Terre. Day Trip tournya booking dimana ? Dari kemarin nyari day trip ke cinque terre tapi rata-rata pricey . Thank you yaa, tulisannya bermanfaat banget buat referensi nyusun itinerary europe 🙂

    • wenda June 10, 2017 at 7:04 am

      Aku lewat viator, dia kaya agen local trip di hampir tiap negara, emang lumayan yg ini 112 dolar kalo ga salah, soalnya aku pengen yg adventure gitu dan emang dapet sih petualangannya hihi


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