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Venice is beautiful and i bet that so many of you dream to go here but don’t know where to start or how to plan the trip. I create this venice guide for independent traveler based on my own experience. Visiting Venice is part of my journey of traveling around Europe as solo traveler, and i’m doing it on budget.

Venice Guide



venice-guide venice-guide

When i plan the venice trip, i read that we can go here by bus or train. But the bus stop at outside of venice and you will need to get another transportation o get here so i decide to take train eventhough it slightly more expensive than bus. My route is take train from Milan to Venice using Trenitalia. Beware that there are two kind of train, one is you must change at one station before the main station, and the other one go stright to Santa Lucia Stazione which is the main station in Venice. So pay attention carefully when you choose your train and do the booking.

This is the link to book ticket in english


I travel on budget so i was looking for hostel rather than hotel. Location is very important, choose the place that is near vaporetto (water bus) stop, that will make you easy to explore the city and reduce the lost probabilities. See the location of the hotel on map, and find the one that is near with the canal.

Finding your hotel

This is the problem i get once i arrive in Venice. I have carefully note the location of my hostel and also what is near my hostel and still i get lost to find it because i didn’t know what vaporetto stop is the closest from my hostel. I ask many people and they told me to find the number of the hostel because the number will show the location. So, pay attention to that.

More problem is i was thinking that i will walk from santa lucia station to my hostel with luggage. And it’s disaster, because the street is up and down with many stairs. There are people that offering me to carry my bag with cart, it’s common there and i refuse it because i didn’t know that it’s going to be so hard to bring luggage there. Cart ussually cost around 10-15 Euro.



I choose to stay at Venice Luxury hostel, just one stop away from Rialto Bridge, it’s very affordable and have that italian home vibe, perfect location near to everywhere. Book it through booking dot com. I stay at female dorm share the room with 5 girls. Picture above is me sitting on the window with that view.

How to explore Venice

The fastest and the cheapest of course is taking vaporetto (water bus) ticket is 7 Euro one way and better buy 24 hours pass for 24 Euro. You can buy the ticket at ticket counter but not every vaporetto stop have this counter, they also closed around 5 pm. You can also buy ticket at tobacco shop. But the problem is finding tobacco shop is confusing so better buy that 24 hours pass. You also can go walking to enjoy the city and stop by everywhere you want. My guide on walking is there is a writing on the buiding to give you direction, so if you get lost, try to find the writing and follow the direction.


Be careful when you decide to eat at a cafe and sitting there because the price of sitting is double of each of your meal and drink For example, i buy 2 cups of coffee and 1 sandwich at a cafe near rialto bridge, the price should be 4,5 Euro but i must pay 9 Euro because i sit on the chair.


I found this stall selling many kind of spaghetty and other italian menu, the name is Friesland, located just near my hostel. Very cheap, big portion and no chair so you will eat standing. Order seafood spaghetty only 6 Euro, probably the cheapest one in Venice.

You can’t miss gelato here, i buy gelato at grom and it’s also located near my hostel. Choose hazelnut it’s the best. Not expensive, only 2,8 Euro for 2 flavours for their small cup.

Cafe and restaurant mostly closed at 11 pm, except that mcdonals open 24 hours. The prettiest cafe for me is the one near rialto market with flowers and pink building across the canal.



You must see sunset and sunrise at Grand Canal, piazza san marco and rialto bridge. So beautiful, dreamy and just the best moment to really enjoy the best view of Venice. If you want to take photograph of Venice without many people around, wake up early and you will get this postcard view.

venice-guide venice-guide venice-guide

Rialto market in the morning is very pretty. Seeing those veggie and fruits just cheer up the day.


Go everywhere and enjoy every corner because it’s beautiful everywhere. Don’t worry to get lost, just go find the nearest vaporetto stop and you will be allright. There are treasure everywhere.

I stay at Venice about 24 hours and didn’t go to any museum.

venice-guide venice-guide

Riding the vaporetto is also great to enjoy the view, from morning to night you just have to see it. I don’t have much money to ride gondola, but if you like then you can try it.

Take a day tour to burano, because it’s very pretty, and quiet. With colorful houses it’s perfect to take pictures.



I didn’t buy many things, just buy some stuff at Hard Rock store located at rialto bridge and some venetian magnet. Many store sell the famous venice mask and i dont know how to spot the real or fake one. These vintage postcards sold at rialto bridge is cute as souvenirs.


I didn’t see any dangerous scam to tourist (thanks God). Some people try sell flowers at Piazza san Marco but they are polite enough. Many people sell fake bags and if you once ask or touch the stuff, they will run after you to buy it so i suggest just avoid them.

My own experience is that i got scam from another tourist/traveler. He sit next to me on the boat to burano and start talking to me. I try to be nice and we go walking together around Burano but then he try to be romantic and start inapproriate action to get even closer to me. I’ve told him that i’m married and i wear my wedding ring but he still do that romantic approch. When i get the chance i escape from him. So the reason i write this is for you girl/women that travel alone, be careful of the man who is looking to have a romantic moment with any traveler he met. Because i have experienced this twice, in venice and florence, i think they are the kind of man who try to get girl for dating. I can’t say from which country they are, but in my case, they are from asian countries. I don’t want to bring down asian people, i’m also asian and i just want to share my own stories.

Tips for romantic female solo traveler

I visit 12 destination on my europe solo traveling trip and venice is the only place that make me sad to travel alone, why ? Because everywhere i turn, there are always honeymooners that look at each other with so much love and it just made me sad that i didn’t have my love with me at the moment. They don’t even kiss or do any PDA like i’ve seen in Paris but just seeing how they stare to each other and you just know. Get envy a lot haha. So girls, prepare yourself when you come to Venice, the most wanted destination for lovers. Or just take your friends with you.

Venice is truly beautiful and a must visit destination, hopefully my guide is usefull for you. I will try to post more pictures from Venice because i take so many, see you on the next post.


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