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Hello, continuing my solo traveling trip around Europe now i’m sharing my Rome Walking Guide. Taking this trip as part of my solo traveling around Europe on May 16. Arrive here from Florence by Megabus. Then i took metro to Roma Termini, a big station near my stay at The Yellow hostel. I will write a day exploring Rome by foot.


Before i book my hostel, picking location is very important to make you easier to cover the city. Reading all the guide, it’s better to stay near Roma Termini. So i book The Yellow from booking dot com. It’s a bit higher price compare to my other hostel but still affordable. It’s a bit far from Roma Termini about almost 1 km. The room is big and i’m sharing with about 6 girls with bathroom inside. The bed is very comfy. The luggage storage is small probably fit for carrier bag only. No kitchen and no hot drinking water. What i love is they give me a very accurate guide on how to explore Rome in the best way possible. They also have cafe with western breakfast and coffee that taste so good. This hostel provide affordable tour.


This is how i cover Rome in one day and manage to visit some of must see in Rome. I suggest you open a map of Rome street while you are reading this.


Image courtesy (i forget to take picture of Roma Termini)

Since i stay near Roma Termini i start my walk from here, go and find via Marsala. For me Roma Termini is quite confusing because it’s very big and i hardly understand how to remember everything in short time. There are so many door so you must figure everything because you can arrive here from any different doors for example from the metro, bus, to airport and to my hostel.


I was walking by this church and didn’t know what to expect. I just walk inside and it was so gorgeous with renaissance design. A must visit.

Adress : Via Marsala

Free Entrance


To reach Colosseum you must find via Cavour. The queueu is long but still manageable. Explore the Colosseum and also the roman ruins or called Imperial Forums. It’s a big area so prepare water, you can also fill your bottle with the water from the Colosseum for free.

Imperial Forums

Ticket : 12 Euro

More info about Colosseum



From Coloseum i continue to walk to reach Trevi Fountain and ask some policeman, they show me i must walk to the building they pointed out. I think that i’m lucky to find this buiding called Vittoriano or Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuelle II.¬† It’s a beautiful buiding at the centre of Rome. There is a square in front of it named Piazza Venezia. You can go inside for free. From here you can go anywhere in Rome because here is like Rome hub. I continue my walk via Del Corso to find Fountain De trevi.

The view of Piazza Venezia from Vittoriano :


Adress : Via Dei Fori Imperiali


Walking at Via Del Corso and you must look for little street named Via Sabini to find Trevi Fountain. It’s the most beautiful fountain in Rome and it’s definitely huge that’s my first impression and it is very very beautiful. Of course i throw coins. So difficult to take picture because of the crowd. I buy gelato near here, good and affordable.


To get here it’s a bit complicated to explain, find Piazza Di Spagna. If it’s difficult, go back to big street Via del Corso and ask people or look at the map. But it’s near with Trevi fountain so it’s very easy to find.

It was renovated so they put closing gate around it. There is fountain in front of it and people just sit aroud. Suddenly a guy sing an italian song and then another guy sing it like a flash dance but a sing, then 2 girls continue their song. What a great show.


This big street is very beautiful with so many high end brand store. You will love walking here a lot, even just for window shopping .


Piazza Del Popolo

Via Di Ripetta

Walk all the way to the end of Via Del Corso and find Piazza del Popolo. Go to Via Di Ripetta just the first street at your left to get to the next destination. I find out that this street have many local/street wear shops. Go walking on Via di ripetta and stright to via della scrofa and you will arrive at Pantheon on your left and Piazza Navona on your right. But of course you must find the turn to those destinations, just stick to Via della scrofa.


Beautiful buiding, very massive to see those pillars. Nice fountain in front of it and you can enjoy evening here at outdoor cafe here.

Adress : Via Della Rotonda

From Via della scrofa there are many street for option to reach Pantheon, just ask people. It’s very close by.


They say Piazza Navona is the most beautiful piazza in Rome. There are many piazza or an open square in italian town. Beautiful buiding with strong reanissans desain. With gorgeous fountains on the square. Cafes are lining along the street. People just chill around. So pretty especially on sunset.

Adress : From Via Della Scrofa find little street to get to Piazza Navona.

I hope you like my Rome Walking Guide, it’s usefull if you only have one day to explore Rome. You can use bus to go around but i like waking so that i didn’t miss everything that i want to see and explore like little alley, shop or anything.¬†There are too many beautiful places to explore in Rome and maybe you need about 3 days minimal so that you can cover almost everything. What i miss is exploring Trastevere for the food.

Transportation Tips :

End my city tour and go back to Roma Termini by bus. Remember where to buy bus and metro ticket is at Tobacco shop or newspaper stall. One trip by bus is about 1-1,5 Euro.

How to get to Airport :

Rome is my last stop from my solo traveling trip around Europe. I went back to my home from Fiumicino Airport. Find the bus at Roma Termini, i cant explain where just ask people there. It’s only 4 Euro, very convenient and cheap.

I also visit Vatican at the last minute, will share a glimpe of it on the next post.


It’s been crazy, fun, scary but also beautiful probably the best decision i have ever make in my life to spend 2 weeks alone in Europe, making my own itineraries and really live it. To all you reading this, dont be scare to make your dream come true, you can do this, of course solo traveling is not for everyone, but if you want it don’t wait forever or that dream may slipped away.

If you miss my adventure, just click on the tag #solotravelingeropa to see each of my destination story.





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